A female hysteria

With western countries however it might sound like paradox, erotic massages were always something very common and opened. Unlike in eastern countries all about sex and erotic was usually taboo. And that is also where the term “female hysteria” occurred as first. Somehow erotic massages turned out to be a good therapy for women, who experienced or were diagnosed with such “problem”. It showed out to be a very simple things – sexual frustration and deprivation. Lots of women (not only back then) had and still have problems with experiencing orgasm. And orgasm is a basic human need. For those, who can´t experience this, there is scientifically proven lack of chemical reactions in a brain and nervous systems going on that leads to deep frustration and this can lead to depression. In past called hysteria.


Nowadays, when almost nothing is taboo, we are lucky enough to be able to have such experience. It cost us almost nothing. The possibilities are wide. In some hotels, there is erotic massage available in cater services. The staff, that is specially trained can provide you with full range of body or genital massage services. More common are the massage rooms, where you have all the privacy and atmosphere you might need to perfectly relax. Even on your exotic holidays you can find a special almost sacred places, where worshiping of human bodies is common thing.


You might have heard of couples awaking massage, that leads to sexual experience at the end. If you are not a masseur or masseuse, don´t give up. You can learn everything from those, who knows the best. If you want to treat your partner with such present, you should first start in professional massage rooms of erotic massage prague, where you can get a treat as a couple. After the therapy you are more than welcome to try it yourself in your private space, where you both feel the most comfortable